Best in Variëteit
Naam van de kat: Ras: Kleur: Geslacht Klasse:
 Brygindia Just Call Me Angel Persian Blue Tortie & White Poes LH
 Viewmax Macy Gray Persian Black Torbie Blotched & White Poes LH
Eur.Ch. Bon-Bon Wabisabi's British Shorthair Lilac & White Kater KH
Gr.Int.Ch. Cherished Leia British Shorthair Lilac Point Poes KH
Ch. Queenie of English Rose British Shorthair Black Tortie Poes KH
 Gregorius Van Den Blomberg British Shorthair Blue & White Kater KH
 Flashback of Kings Garden British Shorthair Blue Kater KH
 Nijõ de Maneki Neko British Shorthair Black Silver Shaded Kater KH
 Tampa des British Du dic Rond-Rond British Shorthair Lilac Poes KH
 Dotje SiZo British Shorthair Black Golden Shaded Poes KH
Ch. Thong pho from tyvir shayjay Thai Blue Point Kater KH
Ch. Mina Makeba from A'far Abyssinian Wild Color Poes KH
 Thoran Thabo de Adygeo Bengal Black Tabby Rosetted Kater KH
World.Ch. Elroni's Dream Unique Ragdoll Blue Point Mitted Kastr. Kater HL
Eur.Ch. Ragissa Prometheus Ragdoll Blue Point Bicolor Kater HL
 La Belleza Ragdolls Jolie-Fleur Ragdoll Blue Lynx Point Mitted Poes HL
 Sunny Ragdoll Seal Point Bicolor Kater HL
 LV*Marikota Zefir Heilige Birmaan Seal Point Kater HL
 Tim du prince Somali Sorrel Kater HL
 Divana's Beautydolls Queeny Ragdoll Seal Point Mitted Poes HL
Gr.Eur.Ch. Labamba Zefir Siberian Cat Black Tabby Classic Kater HL

Speciale Prijs
Naam van de kat: Ras: Kleur: Geslacht Klasse:
Gr.Eur.Ch. Bente van de Muppies Norwegian Forest Cat Blue Tortie & White Poes SP
 Spinelle des Trois Joyaux Norwegian Forest Cat Black Smoke Poes SP
Ch. Alomi's Olga Himalayan Cream Point Poes LH
 To-Be-Free Wolle Bol Persian Cream Kater LH
 Huyana 'Lye Nodin of Golden Beach Persian Red & White Harlequin Kater LH
 Tessa des Joyaux d'Emilie Persian Blue Cream & White Poes LH
 Daty Pearl‘s Persian Black Tortie Poes LH
 Milou of Lobert's Home Persian Black Tortie & White Poes LH
 Bumbblebee Tuttebelle Exotic Shorthair Chocolate & White Poes LH
 Viewmax Brandy Exotic Shorthair Tortie Tabby White Harlequin Poes LH
 Salku sweetie’s daryl British Shorthair Black Silver Tabby Blotched Bicolor Kastr. Kater KH
 Mister Watson GoldenBri British Shorthair Blue Golden Shaded Kater KH
 Xoxo New Montemi*CZ British Shorthair Cinnamon Poes KH
 Tinkerbell Van Den Blomberg British Shorthair Fawn Poes KH
 Jayden Blue Pralines British Shorthair Cream Kater KH
 Zilton Van Den Blomberg British Shorthair Lilac Kater KH
 Tokio van De Minnebrug British Shorthair Black Smoke Poes KH
 Renesmee Blue* Sky British Shorthair Blue Bicolor Poes KH
Int.Ch. Amaunet P2 Bisou Egyptian Mau Black Silver Tabby Spotted Poes KH
Ch. Queen of Total Eclipse Cornish Rex Red Poes KH
Ch. Cinnamolicious Markies de carabbas Oriental Shorthair Cinnamon Smoke Poes KH
 Gucci Happymiau Devon Rex Seal Tabby Point Kater KH
 Poeroeth's -Home Yoko Oriental Shorthair Lilac Poes KH
 Yasmina Novisenya Russian Blue Blue Poes KH
 Xana Fan Gou Singapura Sepia Agouti Poes KH
 Wanika of Burmy's Home Burmese Blue Tortie Poes KH
 Cherished Galen British Longhair Seal Chinchilla Point Kastr. Kater HL
 Elroni's Dream Rhea Ryanne Ragdoll Seal Point Bicolor Gester. Poes HL
Int.Ch. Demi Elégance Heilige Birmaan Blue Point Gester. Poes HL
 King Eddie of Zengarden Ragdoll Seal Lynx Mink Bicolor Kastr. Kater HL
Gr.Eur.Ch. Elsa de Kleyne Wilderds Ragdoll Blue Cream Point Mitted Poes HL
Gr.Int.Ch. Cherished Aislinn British Longhair Black Golden Tabby Blotched Poes HL
Int.Ch. Paco van ‘t Reekschebos Ragdoll Cream Point Mitted Kater HL
Int.Ch. Bucifal Buzz de La Horský Park British Longhair Blue Kater HL
Int.Ch. Dusado's Stitch British Longhair Black Tortie Bicolor Poes HL
Ch. La Belleza Ragdolls Motijo Ragdoll Seal Lynx Point Bicolor Kater HL
Ch. Nomoya's Skylar British Longhair Chocolate Tortie & White Poes HL
 Blue White Diamonds Fenna British Longhair Lilac Poes HL
 Tarah Blue-Fairy Heilige Birmaan Blue Point Poes HL
 Sire Rebel'Lion de la Seigneurie CYS Maine Coon Red Tabby Mackerel Kastr. Kater HL
Gr.Int.Ch. Faraon Neva Masquerade Blue Tabby Point Kater HL
 Imajica Usher Maine Coon Black Tabby Blotched & White Kater HL
 Mio Cielo Lotus Maine Coon Black Smoke Poes HL
 Siberian Sweetheart Rowyn Siberian Cat Black Torbie Spotted Poes HL
 BelNeva Fleur Neva Masquerade Blue Point Poes HL
 Zariah's Rachel Zane Maine Coon Black Torbie Mackerel & White Gester. Poes HL
 Nile Queen Nefertiti Maine Coon Black Silver Torbie Gester. Poes HL