Best in Variëteit
Naam van de kat: Ras: Kleur: Geslacht Klasse:
Gr.Int.Ch. Bucifal Buzz de la Horský Park British Longhair Blue Kater SP
Int.Ch. O’hana little dust of British British Shorthair Fawn Poes KH
Ch. yukai di labramo British Shorthair Lilac Point Kater KH
Ch. Baloo Meerdonks Brittenhofke British Shorthair Lilac Kater KH
 Justin Shareeland British Shorthair Blue Kater KH
 Amaunet P2 Bisou Egyptian Mau Black Silver Tabby Spotted Poes KH
 Toot Sweet from A'far Abyssinian Wild Color Poes KH
 Armoracia Mando Bengal Black Tabby Rosetted Kater KH
Gr.Int.Ch. RAGISSA KAYLA Ragdoll Seal Point Bicolor Poes HL
 Youri Navarocoons Maine Coon Brown Tabby Blotched Kater HL

Speciale Prijs
Naam van de kat: Ras: Kleur: Geslacht Klasse:
Eur.Ch. Cherished Aislinn British Longhair Black Golden Tabby Blotched Poes SP
 Dusado's Stitch British Longhair Black Tortie & White Poes SP
Ch. CH. Brittoyas Dream FBI Most wanted British Longhair Cream & White Kater SP
 My Chubbiness Edgar British Longhair Lilac Bicolor Kater SP
 TEMOE Syringa's Garden British Longhair Lilac Cream Poes SP
Ch. Viewmax Macy Gray Persian Black Torbie & White Poes LH
 Chiva van Jafra Exotic Shorthair Black Torbie Blotched & White Poes LH
 Viewmax Patty LA Belle Exotic Shorthair Blue Cream Tabby Poes LH
Ch. TNT from Arthur´s Garden British Shorthair Chocolate Kater KH
 Anak Tunggal dari Ibu Merah British Shorthair Red & White Kater KH
 Glitters Jasmine Flower British Shorthair White Poes KH
 Bleu lightning's Suus Chartreux Blue Poes KH
 Jules From Cadagi British Shorthair Cream & White Kater KH
 Lou Marjari British Shorthair Lilac Poes KH
Gr.Int.Ch. Armoracia Shishu-Daitya Bengal Black Tabby Rosetted Poes KH
Int.Ch. Queen of Total Eclipse Cornish Rex Red Poes KH
Ch. Cinnamolicious Markies deCarabbas Oriental Shorthair Cinnamon Smoke Poes KH
 Isabeau Markies de Carabbas Siamese Blue Tabby Point Poes KH
 Trixie Shagal Babies Bengal Snow Mink Tabby Spotted Poes KH
 Salem Devon Rex Black Smoke Kastr. Kater KH
 Ne sait quoi de Menneval Heilige Birmaan Lilac Tortie Gester. Poes HL
Gr.Int.Ch. SEKHMET DES TOPAZ CATELINA Ragdoll Chocolate Point Mitted Poes HL
 Lady Avienda Omorose Nebelung Blue Poes HL
 Topaze Sweetcute LP Ragdoll Lilac Lynx Point Bicolor Poes HL
 Ornora Celestia des Grimoires Elfiques Maine Coon Black Silver Torbie Gester. Poes HL
 Zariah's Louis Litt Maine Coon Black Smoke Kastr. Kater HL
 Leo Ussuriyskiy Tigr Siberian Cat Blue Tabby Point Kater HL
 Watch Out! Netty Maine Coon Black Smoke Tortie Poes HL
 Zariah's Rachel Zane Maine Coon Black Torbie Mackerel & White Poes HL
 Tiramisu Celipat Family-Coon Maine Coon Black Tortie Tabby Blotched Poes HL
 Ariana van serrurier Norwegian Forest Cat Amber Tabby Blotched & White Poes HL
 Milan Dream Angel's Maine Coon Cream & White Kastr. Kater HL
 Bosskos (Naughtij Nike) Neytiri Maine Coon Black Silver Torbie Ticked & White Poes HL
 Tess Celipat Family-Coon Maine Coon Blue Silver Tabby Mackerel Gester. Poes HL