Best in Variëteit
Naam van de kat: Ras: Kleur: Geslacht Klasse:
Gr.Int.Ch. Garibaldi's Jack Daniels British Shorthair Blue Kater KH
Ch. Poliene's Clement British Shorthair Lilac Kater KH
 Jules du Petit Prince British Shorthair Black Kater KH
 Kenzo Zarilla British Shorthair Cream Kater KH
 Yvonne Van SteBergh British Shorthair Red Poes KH
 Incredible Hobbs DeLyn British Shorthair Fawn Kater KH
 White Socks van Poezenelleke British Shorthair Blue & White Kater KH
 Ellie Mae Angels Shelter British Shorthair Lilac & White Poes KH
 June Elite British Shorthair Black Silver Tabby Blotched Poes KH
Ch. My Time Takelot Egyptian Mau Silver Spotted Kater KH
 Ladoga's Rey Russian Blue Blue Poes KH
 Armoracia Etayè-Matahate Bengal Black Tabby Rosetted Poes KH
Int.Ch. Dusado's Infinity British Longhair Blue Cream Poes HL
Ch. Brugidolls Kishi Ragdoll Blue Point Bicolor Poes HL
Ch. M'Memories Nila Ragdoll Seal Point Bicolor Poes HL
 Dollsparadise Arroyo Ragdoll Blue Point Mitted Kater HL
 La Belleza Ragdolls Havana Ragdoll Seal Point Mitted Poes HL
 Eléonore van M&M British Longhair Blue Poes HL

Speciale Prijs
Naam van de kat: Ras: Kleur: Geslacht Klasse:
Int.Ch. Beauty Marivon Norwegian Forest Cat White Poes SP
 Duchesse von der Hees Norwegian Forest Cat Amber Smoke Tortie & White Poes SP
 Little Star Akila Norwegian Forest Cat Black Tabby Blotched & White Kater SP
 Furry Heaven's Estrella Norwegian Forest Cat Blue Tabby Mackerel Poes SP
Int.Ch. Nhuman Moore du Royaume de Mithril Persian Black Golden Shaded Kater LH
Int.Ch. Isjona's Lucky Leonardo Persian Black Tabby Blotched Kater LH
 Billy the Kid of Lobert's Home Persian Blue & White Harlequin Kater LH
 Blossom of Lobert's Home Persian Blue Torbie Blotched & White Poes LH
 Viewmax Maxwell Persian Cream & White Kater LH
 Brygindia Luna Persian Blue Tortie & White Poes LH
 Viewmax Baywatch Babe Exotic Shorthair Brown Tabby Blotched & White Poes LH
Gr.Eur.Ch. Crystal Flame's Noblesse Oblige British Shorthair Chocolate Kater KH
 Caramel Costa Smeralda British Shorthair Lilac Golden Tabby Kater KH
 Finn 't Reeshofje Scottish Fold Black Tabby Blotched & White Kater KH
 Anturija of Juras Perle Selkirk Rex Blue Poes KH
 Willow Elsharoo Scottish Straight Blue Silver Tabby Point Poes KH
 Lily Boucheron British Shorthair Blue Poes KH
 Billy From Firenze British Shorthair Red Kater KH
 Newton of Total Eclipse Cornish Rex Black Kater KH
 Funny Face Caprice Devon Rex Black & White Poes KH
 One in a Million Steal D Show Bengal Seal Mink Tabby Spotted Poes KH
 Onyx du Chemin de L'Helpe Thai Seal Point Poes KH
 Amélie My Dream of Aryo Sphynx Lilac Mink Poes KH
 Lindalyan Meïko Heilige Birmaan Lilac Tabby Point Kastr. Kater HL
Eur.Ch. Lilly van de Hippe Kip Highland Fold Black Torbie & White Poes HL
Eur.Ch. Cream Cookie van de Nekker British Longhair Cream Kater HL
Gr.Int.Ch. Lil'Ainjils Danatella ill Dea Drago Somali Ruddy Poes HL
Ch. Numérobis de la Maison des Chats Mallows Ragdoll Red Point Kater HL
 D*White Light's Cupcake Balinese Blue Tortie Point Poes HL
 Special Dreams Frutella British Longhair Lilac Cream & White Poes HL
 Mi Amor Jadore British Longhair Blue Cream & White Poes HL
Eur.Ch. Jewel the Claws of Desire Maine Coon Black Smoke Kater HL
Gr.Int.Ch. Favorit-Sherkhan Anita Maine Coon Red Tabby Blotched Poes HL
Ch. Bandaya's Shadow Maine Coon Black Tabby Poes HL
 Jinx Onix Gloria Siberian Cat Black Golden Tabby Blotched Kater HL
 Siberian Sweetheart Eowyn Siberian Cat Black Tabby Blotched Poes HL
 Zohra of alwin's cat Maine Coon Black Smoke Tortie Poes HL